About Our Company



Lead Homelessness is a Florida-based benefit corporation, established in 2016 to help solve one of America’s most persistent social problems. For more than 20 years, the members of our team have been leading and partnering with some of the most successful organizations in America that are working to solve the problem of homelessness. We exist to help civic and community leaders find real solutions that bring lasting results.

Our work with homelessness began right here in our own hometown of Orlando. When we assumed responsibility for solving the problem of homelessness in this community, Orlando had just been designated as the number-one midsized city in America for chronic homelessness. But in just 36 months, we led a collective effort that reduced homelessness in Orlando by 60 percent.

We succeeded where others had failed because we were committed from the outset to finding a collaborative approach to the problem. And with this goal in mind, we were able to bring together elected officials, business executives, faith leaders, and concerned philanthropists to create a consensus strategy for solving the problem. Then we funded and implemented that strategy to produce unprecedented outcomes.

As a result of these efforts, our CEO, Andrae Bailey, was appointed to the Florida Council on Homelessness by Governor Rick Scott. Bailey was also named Central Floridian of the Year in 2016 for making our community’s work to end homelessness the number-one local news story of that year. We are a highly skilled and motivated group of professionals who are experts in our respective fields, and together we are passionate about helping mayors and other community leaders end homelessness in their jurisdictions.

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