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Homelessness is a national problem, but it is a national problem that is best solved at the local level. Government officials in Washington, DC, cannot possibly create the plans and implement the strategies that are needed to create meaningful changes in homelessness at the local level.

This is why business involvement is critical in any effort to remediate homelessness. Business leaders are the drivers of solution-oriented change in any community and the only purely objective voices regarding the policies of their cities and towns. Business leaders, for instance, don’t need approval and they don’t need votes, so they can afford to be honest and pragmatic in their efforts to make their communities better. Business leaders don’t need contributions either. So they can speak truth to power and demand meaningful results and accountability with public funds. Business leaders want their communities to be exceptional in every way, so business leaders are motivated, but they also are down-to-earth.

Lead Homelessness Initiative is a national movement devoted to the realistic goal of ending homelessness in America. But while Lead Homelessness Initiative can provide guidance and valuable resources to communities that are actively engaging the problem of homelessness, local business leaders have a unique platform from which they can create the kind of change that can lead to real success at the local level.

If you are a business leader in your community, you know the problems that homelessness can create, not only for the homeless individuals affected by it, but for a community, as well. You also know that money by itself cannot solve the homeless problem, because the federal, state, and local governments across our country have spent untold billions of taxpayer dollars on this problem over the past several decades with little progress to show for their outlays.

But in recent years, homelessness has started to noticeably decline in some communities across our land, because real solutions are finally emerging. Non-traditional approaches to the problem of homelessness are producing real results, and Lead Homelessness Initiative exists to help communities understand these innovative tactics and how to apply them to their own local circumstances.

When it comes to homelessness, therefore, you have the power to make a real difference in your community. You have the power to demand action and real change in a way that no elected official or charity executive ever could. You have the power to give rise to a movement toward new thinking and new approaches to homelessness that have never been tried in your hometown. You have the opportunity to change the landscape of homelessness where you live. So let us help you in that effort.

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