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Homelessness is a problem that plagues our country. But while homelessness is a national problem, it is a national problem that must be solved at the local level. Elected officials in Washington, DC, cannot possibly create the plans and implement the strategies that are needed to drive homeless solutions at the community level.

For this reason, local elected officials are the “key” to success in the struggle to end homelessness. Elected officials cannot do all the work by themselves and government cannot fund the work by itself. But elected officials like mayors and county commissioners stand in a unique position to sound the call for community action and to demand progress and accountability in the effort to resolve the homeless issue.

Lead Homelessness Initiative is a national movement devoted to the realistic goal of ending homelessness in America. But while Lead Homelessness Initiative can provide guidance and valuable resources to communities that are actively engaging the problem of homelessness, only local leaders can create the change within their communities that can lead to ultimate success.

If you are a city or county office holder, you know the problems that homelessness can create, not only for the homeless individuals affected by it, but also for those communities that are affected by it, because you and your community are impacted by homelessness in countless ways every single day. And while the federal, the state, and your own local government spend ever-increasing amounts of cash on the problem, the problem just doesn’t seem to get any better. But you need to know that homelessness is noticeably declining in communities across our land, because real solutions are finally being found. Non-traditional approaches to homelessness are producing some real results, so Lead Homelessness Initiative exists to help struggling communities understand these innovative tactics and how to apply them to their own local circumstances.

When it comes to homelessness, you have a tremendous responsibility because you stand in a unique position of authority in your city or county.  You have the responsibility to help your community move forward with real solutions to homelessness because you have the power and the access to resources that can get things moving toward a solution to a problem that is too often postponed or ignored. In the same way that you and your community can drive change on tourism, transportation, or any other point of great need in your area, your community can drive change on homelessness, and you can be the leader that jumpstarts that process. So let us help you in that effort.

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