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There is no work that is more worthy of our lives than the work we do to help the less fortunate. And this fact is especially applicable to those who devote their lives to combatting homelessness, because reliable shelter is a basic human need and a home is a foundation upon which people can stand as they work to solve their other problems.

Your role, therefore, as a service provider for the homeless is a role that is valuable beyond measure. And nobody could possibly question the commitment, the devotion, the sacrifice, and the hard work that you and others like you demonstrate each day on the frontlines of this important battle.

But many people in your position need help, and you need resources. You need systems that work for you and for the organizations that you lead. You know that you must get elected officials interested in your objectives, and you know that you must have the support and financial backing of the business and philanthropic communities if you ever intend to make a real difference. But if you are like most in your position, you have tried many different approaches for achieving these goals and now you just need some help.

Lead Homelessness Initiative is a national movement devoted to the realistic goal of ending homelessness in America. But while Lead Homelessness Initiative can provide guidance and valuable resources to communities that are actively engaging the problem of homelessness, local providers like you are the ones who really have a grasp on their respective local circumstances. Providers like you are also the ones who carry the moral responsibility for addressing the needs of the homeless in your community.

In our present political and economic climate, additional government funding for charitable work is probably not on the horizon. At best, funding for local homeless initiatives will remain where it has been in the past. But this could be a good thing for your organization, not a bad thing, because an outreach for help to a broader segment of your community could create an interest in your work and a participation in your mission that is unprecedented in the history of your organization. And this is the kind of assistance we can provide for you as we collaborate with you to make real and lasting change to the homeless landscape of your city or town.

As you know, homelessness has dramatically declined in recent years within many communities across America. Lead Homelessness Initiative exists, not only to help you solve your immediate structural and funding problems, but also to help you understand and apply to your own local situation those strategies that are producing historic results in other parts of the country. So let us partner with you in this effort. You have the moral mandate to end homelessness where you live, and you have the passion and the sense of urgency that is needed to actually pursue this lofty goal. Now let us place the tools in your hand to help you finish the work you have started.

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