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1.) Become a Collaborative Partner

Gain access to a variety of resources, including our collaborative model, case studies, reports etc.

There is nothing new under the sun. The strategies that are working to solve homelessness in communities across America can be effective in any locality if properly applied, because homelessness is basically the same wherever it is found. We have conducted years of research to isolate and define the specific approaches that are most effective in combatting homelessness, and we have implemented these same tactics in communities large and small. Let us provide you with the tools and strategies that can make your efforts successful, as well.

2.) Host a Leadership Event in Your Community

Initiate the movement by hosting an event in your community.

Leaders are the heart and soul of any community and the key drivers of kind of change that can make a community better. For this reason, cross-sector leaders can often be the catalyst that ignites social change within the community that stands at a crossroads when it comes to homelessness. Let us help you jumpstart the change process where you live by introducing your leaders to the facts about homelessness and to the proven methods for solving this entrenched problem.

3.) Solve Homelessness in Your Community

Partner with the Lead Homelessness Initiative to solve homelessness in your community.

We have a track record of success when it comes to creating an environment where the problem of homelessness can be solved. And our experience flows from the work we have done in different communities and different regions of the country. So let us partner with you to take this bold initiative to your hometown and to the people in your part of the world who can be instrumental in preventing and ending homelessness.

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