The challenges of homelessness are the same in every community that deals with this problem. Each community, however, must engage homelessness from a slightly different starting point, and each community must take steps to solve homelessness in a slightly different order. At Lead Homelessness, therefore, our goal is to make sure that community leaders do everything that is necessary to permanently solve this problem. Our mission is to help our partner organizations make sure that they don’t miss any necessary steps in their efforts to change the plight of the homeless in their communities.


Our methodology for engaging homelessness is unique and is based on the 12 dynamics of social change that we have developed over the past two decades by studying communities that have successfully addressed this issue. But while the following explanation of our services is based on the most logical sequence of implementation, don’t forget that our methodology is flexible so your community can implement these strategies at a pace and in an order that makes the most sense for you.



Understanding Homelessness in Your Community

Estimated Timeframe: 3-6 Months

  • An analysis of the problem of homelessness in your community through the lens of available data
  • An assessment of your community’s readiness to meaningfully tackle the problem of homelessness (financial readiness, attitudinal readiness, readiness to conduct a campaign of aggressive cross-sector collaboration)
  • An examination of the current policies and organizational structures within your community that will serve as either assets or liabilities for your initiative
  • A comprehensive written report that contains our recommended “pathway to success” for your community (based on our proven model for effectively ending homelessness)



Reducing Homelessness in Your Community

Estimated Timeframe: 12-18 Months

  • Empowering advocates in your community to successfully lead an initiative for real change
  • Aligning leaders and influencers from every sector of your community to create collaboration among all stakeholders (business, government, nonprofits, faith, philanthropy, law enforcement, healthcare, mental health, judiciary)
  • Communicating the truth about homelessness and its proven solutions through an aggressive and multi-faceted awareness campaign (traditional media, social media, high-profile community residents)
  • Utilizing hard data to create a sense of urgency around your community’s need and to showcase your strategies for solving the problem
  • Engineering a local movement that is designed to create and maintain real change in a transparent and accountable manner
  • “Launching” your campaign through a highly visible and impactful public event
  • Forging a collective strategy that all community stakeholders can support
  • Driving your initiative through an ongoing process of communication and community engagement
  • Identifying sources and strategies of funding that can provide housing and supportive needs
  • Developing and nurturing partnerships between your community and other communities that have already achieved success in addressing homelessness



Ending Homelessness in Your Community

Estimated Timeframe: 18-36 Months

  • Creation of a permanent governing structure (backbone organization) that can maintain and build upon the progress you have made
  • Specific and publicized goals for reducing veteran and chronic homelessness
  • Ongoing training of personnel who are working within the governing structure
  • Formation of a “Homeless Impact Fund” to underwrite your work and your backbone organization



The stand-alone services of Lead Homelessness, Inc.

  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Studies and reports
  • Crisis intervention